Hairstylist stabbed and beaten ‘when attacker didn’t like hair colour’

A Russian hairstylist claims he almost died when an attacker stabbed him in the neck after ‘not liking his blue-violet hair’.

Alexander, who goes by the pseudonym Glize Nana, was reportedly left with blood pouring from his neck when he was allegedly targeted at around midnight on February 5 at a shop close to his home in Moscow.

He said: ‘I was walking together with my friend and near the Dixy market we said goodbye. A moment later, I hear a man from behind telling me I look weird and it’s bad to have such a hair colour.’

Before he had a chance to reply, he claims the unidentified assailant slapped him across the face and pushed him to the ground.

He allegedly stomped on the stylist’s neck and then got out a knife and stabbed him three times before disappearing from the scene.

Alexander says he tried to stem the bleeding before calling his friend for help.

After he was taken to hospital, he says he was told by medics that the man had just missed his carotid artery – the only reason why he survived the attack.

The hairdresser suffered facial nerve damage and can no longer feel the right side of his face.

Police are reportedly investigating the case.